1539 Birmingham St
Halifax, NS

Clinic Hours:

9 am - 6pm Mon-Fri
9 am - 5pm Sat

T: 902 405 3222

Jennifer Moss
Osteopathy / Owner
Ellie Mae Scott
Massage/ Osteopathy
Carolyn Lowe

Ellie Mae Scott

Ellie is a graduate from CCMH with Honors and was also the recipient of the "Life Long Learner" award. She is very passionate about understanding how the body functions in all aspects and prior to Massage Therapy completed her BSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with Honors from Dalhousie University.

She is continuing her education in Osteopathy Manual Practice starting at the CEO in September 2016. With her deep understanding of how the body functions, and her hands-on palpation skills, Ellie attempts to identify the root cause of her clients problem in order to deliever the best treatment possible.



Downtown Clinic

Treatments Methods Used:
Massage Therapy


45 min massage: $75 (tax incl)
60 min: $90.00
90 min $130 (HST included)
Covered under Massage Therapy by most private insurers.


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