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Halifax, NS

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9 am - 6pm Mon-Fri
9 am - 5pm Sat

T: 902 405 3222

Jennifer Moss
Osteopathy / Owner
Ellie Mae Scott
Massage/ Osteopathy
Carolyn Lowe

Therapy Options

Osteopathy is the treatment of injury or restriction of the body by using pressure and movement to reposition and improve the quality of tissue. It is a manual therapy based on the theory that the body is capable of healing itself provided with the proper components of health. Learn more...

Swedish Massage techniques are used to rehabilitate injuries from accidents or repetitive strain. The benefits of massage include increased circulation in both blood and lymphatic fluid. Learn more...


At Hydrostone Osteopathy, Therapists are knowledgeable about all the therapies on offer, as well as many that are available at other clinics. Rest assured that you will be fully informed about the best treatments options for your individual need. Our sole objective is to see that our customers get the best of health care available.